Sailing experience of a lifetime
2147 trainees trusted us with their first sailing experience. Here is what they say:
Thank you so much for making my dreams come true! Since childhood I've been in love with the sea and adventures. Reading novels about brave pirates and travellers, imagining myself on the deck or the mast of a frigate, I could have never imagined that I would be on a frigate under real sails at sea one day.
Ilya Ovintsovsky
Big thanks to the crew of the sailing barque Sedov and the organisers of our trip from Stavanger to Emden – Maritime Practice. Thank you for giving this unforgettable experience, communication and meetings with interesting, wonderful people and real maritime life. Those days on the ship became a little life that changed us forever. We leave the ship with tears in our eyes and sadness in our hearts. Look forward to seeing each other again under sails!
Svetlana Biryokova
Some 622 nautical miles and I believe again, I live again, I'm happy! Now I know exactly what to teach my children and I will absolutely take them with me for the next trip! Lots of love!
Natalie Antipina
This is probably one of the most important voyage and experience of my life! Many dignified, strong, courageous people, devoted to the sea, to sails, have worked on the ship! This energy can be felt with all your body from the first step on the gangway. I wish the bark "Kruzenshtern" and its crew a fair wind and good luck in all the campaigns! I dream to come back with my son one day!
Igor Kosarev
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